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Forum Management Group is one of the largest companies in Ukraine, a leader in the commercial real estate rental market.  Founded in 2002, the company currently operates a network of 8 business centers, including  full-fledged office and a warehouse complexes.   The company’s core business is real estate project management, with key priority of B+ class office complexes construction and development.  Particular role is dedicated to the reconstruction of destroyed historic buildings and improvement of land, creating modern business centers in their place.

High occupancy of  the  office complexes from Forum Management Group is an evidence of the high quality of commercial real estate operation and maintenance services provided by the company.

Initially, FMG  set a high standard of service, focusing on demands of customers. We are proud of having large multinational and Ukrainian companies among our clients.

FMG has always retained strong leading positions in the commercial real estate market, currently being a model of stability and wellfare merit partners’ confidence for that.  We are always open to our customers, and we are constantly improving our communication and feedback system with them.

Our mission is to create comfortable business environment and congenial business atmosphere.  We are sensitive to the customers’ needs, and we design and construct our buildings to inspire people to gain new targets. Elaborate design and faultless technical equipment makes it as easy as possible to do business. By creating up-to-date, functional, society-oriented objects, FMG professionals create and develop favorable working space for the successful business of our clients.

Future cannot be predicted, but it can be invented. We aim to broaden future perspectives, bright future of the new generation businessmen is our target, we stick to the modern standards of Construction. Our company’s ability to discover new horizons has always made it different.

Success has a new address!