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Forum Management Group is operating on the market since 2002, the dawn of the commercial real estate management market in Ukraine. The capital lacked space for the construction of new office facilities, so the company’s management found a creative solution to the problem: to create  new up-to-date business objects by using and reconstructing old and destroyed buildings.

Following this idea, the first Business City in Ukraine with a similar name Delovoi Gorodok (Business City) and a well-developed infrastructure and functionality was set up on the territory of Kyiv Experimental Footwear Factory named after the 50th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine.

Another footwear factory № 4, later which was later named after the 10th year of Komsomol in Ukraine, was transformed into a huge Forum Park Plaza business complex becoming yet another Business City in the Forum network of business centres.

In 2010 one more object, Forum Kinetic, joined the business centres’ family. Together with Forum Park Plaza, it created an extended business space consolidating business activity within one district.

Another good example of successful reconstruction is Forum Satellite business centre in Sviatoshynskyi district, which appeared in place of instead unused  Bureau of relays and automation .

In such way, FMG has not only created hundreds of new jobs, developing the infrastructure of the metropolitan areas, but it also has made a contribution in to the creation of Kiev image as the business capital of Europe.

After only 13 years, FMG has constructed 8 up-to-date business centres in the capital of Ukraine. However, we are always seek after new heights.  Following relevant state-of-the-art trends in the commercial real estate management market, the company is implementing new projects meeting modern standards of quality and business needs.  The only thing that has always been inherent to our company is high quality and professional approach to our work.  Our horizons are the future avenues, the success of new businessmen generation and new construction standards.

Success has a new address!