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Itera Consulting

Itera Consulting is a Scandinavian company dealing with development of digital innovative solutions, known for deep knowledge of the advanced computer technologies, high standard of services and project implementation. Itera Consulting offers business solutions in consulting, project management, development of high-tech programs and system testing.
The dynamic history of Itera Consulting started in Norway in1996. In2000, the company entered the market in Sweden and Denmark, and it has been represented in Ukraine since 2008. Itera Consulting implements banking and insurance, telecommunications, commerce, mass media, technology and other projects from the offices based in Kyiv and Lviv.
Itera Consulting develops software products for doing business effectively based on modern technologies that improve the speed of using the systems, decrease maintenance costs, improve quality of services and so on.
Itera Consulting assists its clients in project implementation offering innovative IT solutions that improve efficiency of business operations and bring good results.

Website: www.iteraconsulting.com.ua