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TE Connectivity

ТЕ Connectivity has been holding the top positions on the market for 60 years and is a world-known supplier of electronic components for thousands of household and industrial products, network solutions, telecommunications and energy systems, wireless systems for specialized telecommunications, radars and defense sector. TE Connectivity manufactures products for automobile industry, household equipment, aerospace and defense industry, telecommunications, computers and home electronics.
ТE Connectivity product range offers over 500,000 product names, behind which are some 94,000 employees responsible for high efficiency of each supplied technology, product or service.
Telecommunications system branch is an independent unit of TE Connectivity oriented to manufacturing of the sets for construction and operation of linear cable structures and cross-connect, distribution and termination equipment for copper cable and fiber-optic networks. The company is justly believed a recognized global leader in production of all types of passive components for telecommunications industry.

Website: www.telecomosp.com.ua