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«Ukraine» Broadcasting Company

Television channel «Ukraine» is one of the leading national television channels. According to results of first half of 2012 television channel «Ukraine» is the second in the national rating, with the share of 12.32% and the rating of 2.02% (for audience 18+, among 50,000+ people, data by GfK Ukraine) thus consolidating the status with most dynamic development. The strategic goal of television channel «Ukraine» is to become the «television number one button» of the country.
Overall coverage of the channel is approximately 95.6% of all households of Ukraine. The signal is transmitted via cable network and via satellite. The number of potential viewers of all age groups is 40,700,000 people. Television channel «Ukraine» broadcasts a wide variety of content, such as infotainment, popular science, kids, dramatic, and sports programs. Furthermore, in-house projects are in constant and active development.
TV channel «Ukraine» is a part of «Media Group Ukraine», with «System Capital Management» company being the holder of 100% of its authorized capital. Development of TV channel «Ukraine» is the field of strategic interest of the shareholders. «Media Group Ukraine» invests in technical equipment, program products, development, and promotion of the brand of TV channel «Ukraine», as well as professional growth of its employees.
TV channel «Ukraine» brings its viewers premieres of the best foreign and national films, series, and shows with true stories, genuine feelings, and all aspects of people’s lives. TV channel «Ukraine» is a good companion and a friend who knows everything about life.

Website: kanalukraina.tv